Authentic Dida Boža's original home & giftshop


Dida Boža (Grandpa Boža) inspired his grandchildren to carry his legacy further, care about the nature and people.

Home of fruit spreads, wines, cheeses, chocolates, souvenirs and other gourmet food delicacies.

  • Free sampling of the fruit jams

  • Free waffles and jams with the dinner

  • Organic spreads

  • Tapenades

  • Jams

  • Chocolate dragees

  • Dried fruit

  • Organic juices

  • Organic sugar

  • Organic coffee

Figgy & Dida Boža
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Figgy and Fig Spread
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Meet Figgy!

Figgy is waiting for you alongside grandpa Boza and will give small gifts to kids who visit him!